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all i need in life is youtubers and bands

  • gayironically:

    never in my life would I think my life would be taken over a gay fictional couple

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  • oneoftroyessnuggets:

    Why is no one talking about this picture

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  • infectedwithtroylerism:

    When people ask me why I’m so obsessed with Troye and Tyler

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  • (Source: itsalenainfinite)

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  • If you’re reading this, go and watch the old troyler videos right now.


    I hadn’t watched them for a while and they made me cry with nostalgia <3

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  • falling-for-troye:

    literally troye 

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  • elliotfriar:

    new video: HOW TO PROMOTE TRXYE

    it’s finally out, so let’s promo the shit out of it.

    Do me a big favor and reblog this video as the first step to promoting TRXYE! i’ll tattoo your name on my butt cheeks if you do maybe.

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  • troyes-lip-ring:

    I Ship Us
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  • I just showed my brother a picture of Tyler and this happened

    • Brother: Is that the happy little pill guy?
    • Me: No he is a friend of the hlp guy
    • Me: *Shows gif of Troye* This is the hlp guy
    • Brother: Pretty sure those 2 are more than friends.
    • <em><strong>My brother ships troyler without even knowing them.</strong></em>
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  • t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a:

    I’ve had a couple of requests to make a post including links to all of Tyler’s livestreams he did for his campaign, so here goes!

    I have a playlist on my youtube channel which I am currently adding to, which hopefully will include all of the livestream videos, uploaded by various people, but…

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  • i-cupcaketroye:

    if you feel proud of troye but at the same time scared that youve missed your chance to meet him before he gets too famous clap your hands

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  • cflemos1999:

    Just imagine…

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  • lifeoftroye:

    Petition for @tyleroakley to do a video dramatically lip-synching to Happy Little Pill

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  • Inspired by [x]

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  • Youtubers supporting TRXYE

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